Thursday, 2 July 2015

Yamaha YZF R125 what the best engine gearbox oil

I use either of the below it depends on which i have in my workshop at the time but ive used and been
very impressed with both .

1)  Silkolene - Pro 4 10W-40

Electrosyntec Technology - Full synthetic ester 4-stroke engine oil for all high performance motorcycles. Electrosyntec uses electrostatic forces to bond low friction molecules to stressed metal surfaces, releasing hidden power and ensuring long term performance retention and exceptional stay-in-grade characteristics even under race conditions. Ideal for all highly tuned, high output engine transmission units. Race proven to provide exceptional anti-wear and anti-friction performance under all extremes of temperature. API SG, SH & SJ, JASO MA.
  • Oil for professional racers
  • For all high performance motorcycles
  • Releasing hidden power
  • ensuring long term performance retention

2)   Motul 5100 10W-40 4T

                                                         Buy here 
Motul 5100 4T 10W-40 is a Technosynthese lubricant that has been reinforced with Ester base stock to ensure engine protection and improved gear lifetime. Offers improved oil film resistance at high temperatures.

Suitable for street and road bikes, trails, off-road bikes fitted with 4 stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch, engines meeting Euro 2 or Euro 3 emission regulation, fitted with exhaust gas after treatment systems.

Technosynthese lubricant reinforced by Ester base stock to warranty antiwear properties and improve
gear protection and life time.
Improved oil film resistance at high temperatures.
Low Phosphorus and Sulphur content for better operating conditions of catalytic converters required to meet last emission regulation.

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