Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Yamaha YZF R125 testing the generator , alternator , stator rotor .

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Quick tests , for checking the alternator .

Easy tests , first you check between each coil of the generator , the white wires .

Then between the white wires and earth .

finally and especially if you have no spark , test the Pick up coil , the seperate block with
pink and white wires  .

Results should be :

Update soon

Test between each of the generator white wires , each coil with you meter set to ohms (auto) so three tests   . its should have a set resistance , see results above )

Then test between each coil , white wire and earth or body of the stator .    There should be no continuity , so set multimeter to test continuity and listen for buzzer , if the buzzer rings you 
have a coil directly shorting to earth and its therefore faulty .                                   


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