Friday, 10 October 2014

Yamaha YZF R125 top end barrel cylinder piston removal

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Removing the top end is easy the only thing to remeber is how to set timing on rebuild which is not difficult .

Remove the rocker cover bolts 

this exposes the main cylinder head bolts

Remove water pump see our post here on that 

these 2 allen head bolts need to be removed as well 

Here im holding the flywheel bolt to undo the timing chain 
bolt .

below the timing chain tensioner is losened and then  removed 

you can now free the timing chain i hold it with string to avoid dropping it into

ive now removed the timing chain sprocket as i needed to 
and im undoing the top cylinder head main bolts 

pulling head free while controlling chain 

now remove chain guides 

and prepare cylinder barrel for removal 

again control chain while lifting of barrel 

Need new or used barrel / head  / pistons / timing chains etc etc

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