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Yamaha YZF R125 clutch common problems rebuild strip inspection test and measure

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Clutch slipping     , could be worn plates  , or incorrect adjustment or fitting of components and cables , weak clutch springs ,

Cluctch is dragging , engine idle speed too high , broken springs , clutch drum basket damage ,
plates warped or damaged , incorrect spring torque or cable adjusmtent .

Testing the clutch plates 

First lay the plates on a perfectly flat surface hear i use a tile , i would normally use
an engineers table .

you are going to probe around the outsude diameter with your feeler gauge (0.20)  ,
if the feeler gauge is able to go beneath the plate its warped to badly to reuse

You need to measure the clutch spring length to ensure they are in the 
correct range to out of range them replace as they will not do the job expected of them .

also measure for wear on the friction plates replace any out of
tolerances do not cheat make sure you replace as loss of clutch 
is not a great idea on a ling bike ride .

Here i am testing for warping of any of the clutch plates 

check the edges of plates and basket too 

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