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Yamaha YZF R125 Exhaust sound mod , make your exhaust sound better .

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You will need: 

The method:

To start with, you want to take off the end cap for the exhaust, it's the same Hex Head as the Fairing bolts, after you've done that, you should see a "cage" that encases the exhaust tip and holds the cap on.
You'll want to get a Junior Hacksaw, then take the blade off and slip it under the top mounting of the cage to get it through, you can then put the handle back on. Like so:

Now you should have the saw trapped between the exhaust tip and the top mounting for the cage. You may begin sawing! The Pipe itself actually bulges out closer to the exhaust can, so the only place you will be able to cut is right up against the can as in the picture below. This is good because the flat face of the can itself helps to keep the cut straight and even.

As you get closer to the bottom of the cut, the saw starts to get a bit close to the other cage mountings, but you don't have to move the saw again, if you keep it level you will go all the way through the tip without cutting into the cage mountings, though it does get very close.
It also helps for when the saw is nearly through to hold the tip in place so as to get a clean cut all the way through.

When you're all the way through, I'd suggest filing the sharp edges a tad, for if you ever need to touch/clean the tip. I'm also told it helps with free-flowing gasses somewhat. Now you should have a completely flush cap like this one.

Finally, replace the cap for a lovely fresh look, without the tip it actually looks really nice, much larger exhaust for sure. Optionally, you can add some spacers to the bolts before bolting it in, this will move the cap slightly further away and give a minutely better sound. I've added a few mm of spacing, and it has more of a forceful pronounced beat to the sound.
Here's the finished project:

As for the sound itself, the difference is subtle, but very noticeable. It's slightly louder (finally makes more noise than the damn induction roar), and a lot bassier, but not obnoxious.
There shouldn't really be any repercussions, the gasses are still leaving the tip much as they were without excess heat. Changes to backpressure are near nonexistant, and there are no changes to the inner workings themselves.

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