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Yamaha YZF R125 brake pad and fluid change

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This guide will show you how to change your front brake pads. It is a VERY easy job to do, and takes less than 10 mins to complete!

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Step 1: Get your new brake pads.


I have chosen EBC pads, as they perform well, and are not too expensive. 

Step 2: Remove the front calliper.
Un-do the two bolts holding the calliper on, and also the bolt holding the line bracket thing.

Step 3: Slide the calliper off of the disc in the direction shown.


Step 4: Remove the two split pins, and slide the bar out.


Step 5: Compress the pistons. You can either use a screw-driver and lever it against the old pads, or remove the pads, and press them in with your thumb.

Step 6: Remove the old pads. These simply slide out in the direction shown. WARNING: Be careful that the springs do not come pinging out!!!
05072012309 - Copy.jpg 

Step 7: Clean around the calliper if needed.

Step 8: Put copper-grease on the BACK of the new pads. WARNING: Do NOT get any grease on the braking surface of the pad, or the brake disc!!!


Step 9: Insert the new pads in the same way as the old ones came out.

Step 10: Put some copper-grease on the bar, and insert it, as shown in image above.

Step 11: Replace the split pins.

Step 12: Re-install the calliper.

Step 13: Torque the bolts up correctly. (about 22 ft lbs)

Step 14: Clean any excess copper-grease off with a dry rag. (If you can see any copper-grease, then it need cleaning off!)

Step 15: Pump the front brake lever until it is stiff. The first few pumps, the lever will pull all the way back to the the handle bar. It will get stiffer and stiffer with each pump, until it feels the same/ better than in was before the pad change.


Step 16: Check the reservoir level.

Step 17: Bed the pads in. To do this, you will need to go for a ride. WARNING: Be careful, as the front brake will not work very well the first few times you use it, so take it easy, and take the larger stopping distances into account. You will need to ride for 20-30 miles for them to be bedded in. Use the front brake as much as possible during this period, and it will become more and more effective as time goes on.

EDIT: Some of the very early bikes have a SLIGHTLY different method of removing the rear pad, as they do not have an alley key. As far as I can tell, you need to remove the entire calliper?

Right ive just got a few pics on how to replace your rear brake pads just incase anybody needs to know, please excuse the poor quality of the images i was using my phone and yes i know my bike needs a wash! :L

Firstly remove the blt indicated with a regular allen/hex key:
Now the caliper will rock forward and backwards.

Next remove the tw blts indicated:
Now the old brake pads should just drop out.

Press your fingers against the pistons inside the caliper to open them up
Slot in your new pads, insert and tighten these two bolts (Not fully):

Then insert and tighten this bolt:

Then go back and tighten the other two bolts fully.
Press the back brake a few times to build up the pressure and seat the pads.
Then Bobs your uncle, job done.

Be careful riding because it will feel like there is no grip on it at all but they are just bedding in it takes about 40-80 miles depending on brands.

Don't  leave it until the old pads were like this:

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